• "We have achieved a very individual design which we believe sets our product apart from the crowd..."
    Mark Edwards - Able Mabel Founder
  • Our Christmas tin range has been amazing & Tinplate are part of that success. Thank You!
    Sourcing Manager - Penhaligon's
  • An exclusive collection range and to celebrate Sir Peter Blake's 80th birthday. 160 highly exclusive boxes developed and all sold within weeks
    Only 160 boxes were ever made.
  • The results for Spicentice were great. The first tins were delivered and flew out, with continuous orders over the next few years.
  • Both Farrows and Bendick’s were delighted with the commemorative tin and the tight deadlines that Tinplate were able to meet.
  • "Wow! Tinplate Products really have a “can-do” attitude. It is hard to believe what they have achieved. "
    John Morgan - Darlings Real Food Ltd Production Coordinator
  • The final UK promotion was hugely successful, with sales exceeding all expectations and the promotion was then mirrored within the Middle East and India.
  • "Their knowledge and attention to detail during the development and manufacture ensured a high quality pack that our customers are delighted with"
    Liz Earle cleanse & polish - Packaging Manager
  • "Thank you all so much for the ongoing support that you give to Whittard, at every stage of the tin process."
    Managing Director - Whittard
  • Beautifully printed and embossed range of square tins fit for pouring hot wax into without leakage. This new range was a big success and customers delighted.


Client: Spicentice

Range: Rub spices

Objectives: Produce a set of high impact spice tins, to help increase brand awareness and deliver growth.

Results achieved: Listings extended into new retailers.


Tinplate initially met Spicentice at a food exhibition and discovered that this family run traditional spice maker required some new product packaging concepts for their spice rub range.

The objectives were clear; it was crucial that the new-look packaging would enhance the companies' already striking brand - offering real stand out on shelf. With the UK's continued interest in more authentic but convenient home cooking, the tins were also required to support growth across the UK.

Tinplate considered the brief carefully, before presenting Spicentice with a range of tin packaging designs, of varying complexity and price points, ensuring our client had a very clear idea of what could be achieved using tin.

After some deliberation, a final decision was made to develop a high-end, high impact spice rub tin, with striking on-pack print that complimented the range and ensured the brand engaged with a wider demographic.

The results for Spicentice were great. The first tins were delivered and flew out, with continuous orders over the next few years.