• "Thank you all so much for the ongoing support that you give to Whittard, at every stage of the tin process."
    Managing Director - Whittard
  • The results for Spicentice were great. The first tins were delivered and flew out, with continuous orders over the next few years.
  • "We have achieved a very individual design which we believe sets our product apart from the crowd..."
    Mark Edwards - Able Mabel Founder
  • An exclusive collection range and to celebrate Sir Peter Blake's 80th birthday. 160 highly exclusive boxes developed and all sold within weeks
    Only 160 boxes were ever made.
  • Our Christmas tin range has been amazing & Tinplate are part of that success. Thank You!
    Sourcing Manager - Penhaligon's
  • Both Farrows and Bendick’s were delighted with the commemorative tin and the tight deadlines that Tinplate were able to meet.
  • The final UK promotion was hugely successful, with sales exceeding all expectations and the promotion was then mirrored within the Middle East and India.
  • "Wow! Tinplate Products really have a “can-do” attitude. It is hard to believe what they have achieved. "
    John Morgan - Darlings Real Food Ltd Production Coordinator
  • "Their knowledge and attention to detail during the development and manufacture ensured a high quality pack that our customers are delighted with"
    Liz Earle cleanse & polish - Packaging Manager
  • Beautifully printed and embossed range of square tins fit for pouring hot wax into without leakage. This new range was a big success and customers delighted.

Latest News

We're a finalist at The UK Packaging Awards!
18th Sep 2017


Tinplate Products shortlisted at The UK Packaging Awards: Branding Project of the Year


We are very excited to announce that we are a finalist in this year’s UK Packaging Awards!

We are very honoured to be featured amongst so many prestigious projects — what a way to celebrate the end of a very busy summer here at Tinplate!


Thinking of refreshing your packaging or brand?

Contact Tinplate Products now to see what we can offer. 

Packaging Roundup: Wonderful & Creative Tins
5th Jul 2017


Tin packaging is a popular choice across a range of exciting industries. Using tin has real advantages: it’s a practical and protective alternative to other types of popular packaging. But here at Tinplate, we don’t just love tins for their practicality — we love tins for all the great opportunities they provide for playful product marketing. Tins ooze sophistication, yet in the right hands they can also be a very creative form of packaging. We love how they can simultaneously echo yesteryears’ packaging, whilst also being innovative and modern.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite uses of creative tin packaging — which one is your favourite?

Oil Can Grooming beard oil

These small, industrial style oil cans contain grooming oil for beards (a nod to the current hipster trend for male facial hair). Oil Can Grooming use these ultra-stylish and unique tins for the packaging of all their beard oil products, making a playful reference to engine oil with their mini-size oil cans. 100% on-brand, these tins are functional as well as fun —  their shape makes it easy to pour the product with precision. 
Their packaging design is also reminiscent of the steampunk style that borrows motifs from the early railroads, locomotives, and motorcycles — all very fashionable and on-trend right now.
You can view Oil Can Grooming’s products here.

Our very own McLaren, Jaguar and Porsche tin car pencil cases

Our award-winning licenced McLaren, Porsche and Jaguar tin cars are a fantastic example of how you can rev up your product packaging with tin; the cars showing off tin’s playful side. 
This design pushed the boundaries of tin manufacturing at the time: we accurately reduced the car’s design down to scale, and ensured that the graphics were precisely replicated. Our attention to detail produced an extremely lifelike result, and the cars were very successful as pencil and promotional tins. A great example of tin’s versatility and its ability to be fun.
You can read more here.

Fortnum and Mason Tea Infusions


This range of packaging developed for Fortnum & Mason gives the consumer a real feel for the product, mirroring surprising flavour combinations through designs that fuse the delicate with the vibrant. Textured fruit and herb patterns designed for each individual infusion create a strong sense of identity. Though each tin has its own visual palette, they also come together as a range to create a subtle rainbow effect, driving brand cohesion. 
The finished designs combine Fortnum & Mason’s heritage with clean, modern, vibrant packaging. Updating the tea caddy for 2017 was about infusing heritage with innovation through design.
The tea infusion tins are available from Fortnum and Mason.

Tate and Lyle’s “Trick or treacle”

credit: fabawards
Tate and Lyle’s limited edition Halloween black treacle tins are a great example of how seasonality can work to your brand’s advantage when it comes to packaging design. 
To celebrate Halloween, the traditional treacle tins have been given a spooky makeover, without compromising the classic shape and feel of the original. This design successfully plays on the celebration of Halloween, without confusing consumers about what the product is – the Tate and Lyle branding is unmistakable, even in this slightly more Gothic garb. 
Limited edition tins like these are a great way to get consumers excited about your product.
Looking for creative ideas for your packaging? Talk to us today.





Premium Candle Tin launches into stock range!
20th Mar 2017


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Premium Candle Tin into our stock range:


Manufactured in England, this new tin has a beautiful one piece body that it extruded from a single piece of aluminium and therefore perfect for hot fill of candle wax.


These cans give real shelf presence with their shiny, polished sidewalls that give an aire of sophistication.

In house lid embossing and labelling options are available to personalise the tins and stock is now available. MOQ from just 100 tins. 


If you would like to consider this new premium tin for your product range, please call us on 01666 841600 to discuss samples, prices and availability.

Packaging Innovations Roundup
14th Mar 2017

We recently came back from exhibiting at Birmingham Packaging Innovations. These types of industry events are always a pleasure to attend; we came away feeling inspired after all the packaging conversations and the new design briefs clients shared with us. This year we were also excited to launch a new aluminium premium candle container into our stock range (which generated quite a buzz)!

Meeting our packaging clients at an inspiring event

Packaging Innovations (organised by EasyFairs) is a packaging industry event that combines an exhibition with industry talks and networking. The emphasis is on sharing innovative packaging ideas, as well as exploring sustainable packaging solutions to make sure the industry is headed in the right direction. Hosted in early March in Birmingham's NEC, the place was full of packaging traders and delegates.

At Packaging Innovations, clients can be fully immersed in the world of packaging; for them, it's the perfect environment to start thinking about how to launch a new product line, or improve customer engagement levels.







The premium candle container joins our stock range

This year at Packaging Innovations we launched our premium aluminium candle container (photographed above). With order quantities as low as 100pcs, we have added this to our range of ‘off the shelf’ packaging solutions. It was great to get so much positive feedback from visitors about this new stock line. We're glad to see that the candle industry in the UK is doing well, with many lovely organic and premium wax candles entering the market right now.

Defining packaging in 2017/18

We spoke to many clients who were currently working on their 2017/18 packaging plans and were keen to share their ideas and plans with us. We love helping brands with their packaging development ideas; it's always exciting to collaborate on new ideas. 

Tinplate are always keen to bring new innovative and inspiring techniques to market. This year is no different and we were proud to talk about an exciting new print technique that will add a new dimension to any brand’s packaging. Be sure to follow us on the links below to keep up-to-speed on development of this exciting news:

It was brilliant to discuss packaging ideas and trends at the event, as well as share ideas and predictions on what is next in packaging. We always love meeting new (and old) faces, so if you haven't considered tin yet, or need some new product packaging ideas; call us now on 01666 841 600 to discuss what we can do together for your packaging in 2017/18! 

Packaging Spotlight: Premium Pet Brands
9th Mar 2017

To celebrate Crufts, we’re having a closer look at the UK pet industry and its ever-changing packaging needs. In recent years the UK’s pet industry has gone from strength to strength – big global players have been joined by a plethora of local brands. People are capitalising on Britain’s love for pets – a love that compels consumers to spend over £4.6bn on pet products annually. The vast majority of that consumer spend goes on pet food and edible treats –  modern pet owners invest time and money into pet nutrition. With so much potential market share at stake, premium pet brands and pet food producers need to stand out with their packaging. Practical packaging solutions meet whimsical shapes and colours in the pet food industry – here’s how your business can use packaging to delight and entice discerning pet owners.

Catering to the pet food market with the right packaging

In a recent industry round-up commentator Stefan Hartung perfectly summed up the pet food industry’s packaging needs: “Old norms are getting thrown out of the window and break-through packaging stories are being told.”

The pet food industry is booming, and with it so is its packaging. Product packaging is keeping up with the ever-growing pet product catalogue and as pet sales are shifting online; brands want packaging that creates a connection when opened at home, as well as packaging that has high retail shelf-impact.

The humanisation of pets has led to the emergence of distinct consumer groups within the pet industry – from owners who humanise their pets, to those who resist humanisation. It’s important that any packaging you put out speaks directly to the right target market, using appropriate messaging. Pet brands can differentiate by appealing to different niche markets like the urban dog lover, or the pedigree dog owner with classic tastes.

Tin packaging is a great option for pet brands because of its premium, luxury connotations. At the same time, it’s also versatile and portable and helps keep treats fresh for a long time. Tins can be easily customised and personalised to suit any specific breed, and you can launch different product lines with matching packaging.

The rise of the pet brand independents

Though big grocers still dominate the pet care market, there is an increased consumer-led desire for local brands and independents. Smaller brands can invest in a totally different type of product marketing, working closely with retailers and early adopters to spread product knowledge via word of mouth.

Part of that conversation is packaging – packaging that stands out amongst the more established brands by being unique. Clever branding can take a small dog or cat treat manufacturer right to the top when it comes to consumer choice, as long as you focus on developing a coherent brand story and strategy.

Social media sharing has also impacted packaging trends; now products have to look good at home and when in use. Pets are big online, and many premium pet brands work with online influencers to help spread the word.



Small tins like the one we created for ‘The Dog House Random Rewards’ product are perfect for taking on walks, or keeping close by in the home or office. The tins’ premium colours and muted branding are a perfect example of how animal themed packaging can be subtle and aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical!

Strengthening owner-pet bonds with your packaging

A recent Mintel found that a fifth of UK cat or dog owners would cut back on spending on their own food before cutting back spending on food for their pet – indicating that the diets of our pets are equally as, if not more, important than our own. This goes to show what a special bond we form with our pets, nurturing and caring for them as members of our family.

Great pet packaging is about strengthening the bond between pet and owner. Being there on special occasions like pet birthdays, Christmases, and weddings with your branded treats (and tins) will help you create lasting product memories. (People are increasingly likely to celebrate pet birthday and milestones at home, or offer a present to the family pet at Christmas).

You may want to develop product lines for special events and celebrations with bespoke packaging. Seasonal tins can help you capitalise on key gifting events, and tin is a great way to increase the value of a product as a giveaway.

Ethical and health-driven consumer choices

Sustainability, provenance and pet health benefits are important to consumers. The pet food industry is driven by a desire to make ethical choices, as well as a growing awareness of pet health. The development of pet probiotics and supplements means that owners can choose treats that put pet health first.

Consumers want to be reassured on product quality – quality is something that can be effectively communicated in packaging. Packaging for pet food needs to take into account hygiene, longevity, portion control, and practicality; as well as aesthetics.



Image credit: Billy and Margot

This lovely packaging from British pet brand Billy and Margot shows how diecutting and whimsical shapes can help consumers get a sneak peak of products; building trust and brand consideration in a way that’s both fun and practical.


Image credit: Lily’s Kitchen

Premium pet treats from Lily’s Kitchen offer nutrition and sustenance, with packaging that echoes recent health trends from the food industry.

Pet treat packaging that’s made to last

So how can your product stand out on that crowded pet treat aisle?

●     Be memorable and offer a packaging experience people won’t forget in a hurry

●     Speak to your target audience with your messaging

●     Tell a story about where you’re from and put your brand story at the forefront

●     Make your product value intrinsic to your packaging choices.

Need to find out more about what we can do for your pet food brand? Call us now on 01666 841 600 to discuss your pet food packaging ideas.